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Life’s Challenges in Secondary School – Part 1

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In this most requested in-school session, issues affecting students daily are covered.

The in-school morning session is often done as an assembly with either the entire school or with different grade levels each day. It covers issues secondary school kids face, such as bullying, cyber-bullying and online behaviour, body image, suicide, rumours, gossip, drama and more.

  • body image
  • eating disorders
  • drugs
  • alcohol
  • vaping and tobacco
  • bullying
  • cyber-bullying
  • suicide and bullycide
  • the digital world and their digital footprint
  • texting
  • sexting
  • the power of words
  • cliques
  • isolation
  • showing respect for others
  • anxiety and depression
  • the impact of media including the impact of violent video games
  • self-harm
  • rumours, gossip and drama
  • and more

The long term health consequences of bullying are also addressed to allow student to see that this is not just a school or teenage issue that goes away at graduation.

“I used to tease people all the time. You say it to get chuckles on the surface. But you have to think about it in your heart, about what it does. I had to think truthfully because I picked on so many people: Did I say anything to him? Did I do anything that affected his life?”
– A teen’s reflection after the suicide of a fellow student, in the Surviving High School video.

“I am not sure how he did it but he kept over 600 students focused and glued to their seats for 3.0 hours hanging on every word he said.  The students, after the assembly, indicated they had no idea that it was lunch time already”.
– A staff members comment to Dwayne following an assembly.