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The hands represent “Thumbswitch” which is used to demonstrate how weird, awkward and uncomfortable “Change” feels.  The colourful ball represents all students being true to themselves and being able to co-exist within the same environment which is their school  The scales represent the equal balance that exists between all students following the small group session.  The iceberg illustrates that we only allow people to see the top 10% of who we really are and that 90% of us we kept hidden.  The Pyramid is used to show that all students fit within this shape. Some are at the bottom and are targeted simply for being who they are and some are at the top having a lot of power.  The bulk in the middle represents the students that do not stand up / step up when they see that targets being attacked.  All of the dots throughout the poster are thumbprints of all of the students that state that they are “Taking a Stand for Change”.