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Dwayne Peace brings a wealth of experience to his role, having served as a dedicated member of the Calgary Police Service for 25 years. During the final seven years of his career, he served as a School Resource Officer (SRO), where his unique ability to connect with youth and his unwavering commitment to making a positive impact on their lives became evident. For further insights into his impact, please take a moment to peruse the Testimonials section.

Dwayne has delivered motivational talks to an impressive audience of over 500,000 students since 1997. His influence extends beyond the stage, with numerous students approaching him for guidance and support on various challenging issues, including thoughts of suicide, self-harm, and eating disorders. One notable testament comes from the principal of a large urban high school boasting over 1,500 students, who stated, “Dwayne managed to unite the entire school community in a common purpose.”

Dwayne’s speaking engagements have spanned diverse settings, including schools, youth camps, adult retreats, parent gatherings, community organizations, corporations, and universities. He’s not only a co-founder of the Alberta Association of School Resource Officers (AASRO), established in 1998, but also a co-founder of Dare to Care Inc. – Life Skills in 2003.

Dwayne’s programs compel his audiences to contemplate the profound influence of their words and actions. Much of his work has centered on proactively guiding students toward making informed choices in their lives through his engaging presentations. He emphasizes the importance of instilling social responsibility in students as a lifelong commitment.

Present/Past member of:
IBPA -International Bully Prevention Association
CASP – Canadian Association of Suicide Prevention
CLIA – Clandestine Laboratory Investigators Association
CAPS – Canadian Association of Professional Speakers

Parenting with Eyes Wide Open

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