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EASE – Freedom from concern and anxiety; a quiet state of mind.

This is a Pre-crisis Intervention Action Plan Program (PI APP) that will help you identify and deal with issues like bullying, body image, suicide, rumours, gossip, drama, texting, sexting, the dangers of drinking, drugs, tobacco and much more. The goal is to work with schools before an unfortunate incident occurs, however, this program has been very effective both during an event and post-crisis.

Why choose Life Synergy for Youth?

We travel to schools all over North America & internationally to work with students in grades 4 thru 12. Our programs address issues including bullying, body image, suicide, rumours, gossip, drama and much more. We also have sessions about the dangers of drinking, drugs, & tobacco. Special parent and school staff sessions are also available.

These programs go past the surface and deal with the reality of what is going on in today’s school environment and the family dynamics that play a role in students’ lives. This speaks to the community at large and empowers people to make changes to improve the lives of others.  Tools are provided to staff to allow for a common language and reduce the loss of class time caused by student disruptions .

The consequences of a person’s actions are explored both on the positive and negative side.  Most students state that this program was “Life Changing” and staff have never experience something so, “Thought Provoking” in their careers.  The staff are noticing significant changes in students actions and behaviours and the school culture.

A simple phone call will allow Dwayne to explain in further detail the power of this program.

Our Programs

Life's Challenges in Secondary School - Pt. 1 Grades 7 & 8 - 12

Life's Challenges in Secondary School - Pt. 2 Grades 7 & 8 - 12

T.H.I.N.K. Day - Grades 4 - 6 & 7

The Truth About Drinking - Grades 7 - 12

The Truth About Drinking - Grades 7 - 12

The Truth About Cannabis and other Drugs - Grades 7 - 12

Life Synergy for Staff

Life Synergy for Adults

Dwayne Peace – Speaker, Educator & Facilitator

Dwayne Peace is a retired 25–year member of the Calgary Police Service where he spent the last seven years of his career as a School Resource Officer (SRO). Dwayne has a special talent for working with youth, and a passion for helping to make a difference in their lives.

More about Dwayne…

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