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Life Synergy for Parents

Parenting with Eyes Wide Open
2.5 hours – Adults ONLY

Book will be available at the end for $20 (inc. gst)

This session provides the same information to parents that their children received in an abbreviated format and from a different angle. This session will cause parents to think about their parenting style and the bad habits that they have carried over from when they were raised.  Dwayne will then share what the youth are telling him in the Part 2 small group sessions such as:

  • they are tired of the fighting, screaming and hollering going on in the house
  • they are tired of being compared to their siblings
  • they wish they were closer to their parents
  • they miss spending time with their dad’s
  • why are they under attack when they do something wrong but they are not celebrated when they do something right
  • they are afraid of not meeting their parents expectations
…and much more.

There is also a portion of this section that focuses on Dad’s role in the family. This is a very powerful session for parents to attend for the sake of their children.

The book, “Parenting with Eyes Wide Open” was completed due to the many requests by parents to have one for a resource after the adult session was completed.

The Truth About Drinking
2.5 hours – Adults ONLY

This is the same session the students see with a goal of causing parents to think or re-think their views on youth and alcohol consumption. This will also include parents allowing their under age children to consume alcohol and the potential liability consequences of hosting alcohol related parties for their children.

The Truth About Drugs
2.5 hours – Adults ONLY

This session provides the same information as the student session, however it contains additional information that the students do not see as Dwayne does not want to educate the youth too much. Many compliments have been made for knowing what to share and what not to share with the students. There are more photo’s and some of the tricks the youth are using to fool parents or avoid detection.