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T.H.I.N.K. Day (True, Helpful, Inspiring, Necessary, Kind)

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(All Day) – Grades 4 – 6, 7
(2.5 hours) – Adult ONLY session

An in-school presentation that covers issues such as being mean, rude and disrespectful to other students, the importance of speaking the truth, the power of their words, acknowledging that everyone has a gift, the impact of media including violent video games, bullying, cyber-bullying, on-line responsibility, inappropriate pictures, and rumours, gossip, drama.

This session is as a result of Administrators requesting a softer version of Life’s Challenges in Secondary School – Part 1 for Grade 4 – 6 and maybe up to 7.

The assembly occurs in the morning, after which the students are then sent to their classrooms to write down any questions they have regarding the subject matter presented, this is done anonymously.  In the afternoon the facilitator will work with the individual grades answering their questions that are read anonymously by the teachers.

A component of this presentation also includes charges under the Criminal Code of Canada that are applicable to those who chose to bully or cyber-bully others in various ways.