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The Truth About Cannabis and other Drugs

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(3 hours) – Grades 7-12

Today students often overlook the dangers they face when using drugs — including rape, homelessness, suicide, jail time, and the inability to focus or study and the impact it has on the people who love them the most, their families. The damage drugs inflict is not always obvious — but here they discover the real consequences for themselves, their friends and family, innocent babies … everyone.

With the Legalization of Marihuana in Canada many youth have an attitude that, “It can’t be that bad, they are growing it just out of town”. The new laws will be exposed, the legal age and consequences if you are under will be discussed, the warning labels that will be placed on packaging and what can be learned from legalization in Colorado and Washington.

Learn the difference between Marijuana from the 60”s and 70”s and Marijuana today. How does Marijuana lead to other drugs?

See what is it like, via a video, to live a drug nightmare. Join groups of teens as they are shown the realities of drug use and overdose.


  • a hospital clinic for rape counselling
  • a convalescent home to meet an overdose victim
  • a jail to see what it’s like to be incarcerated for dealing
  • a morgue to view the organs of kids who died from ‘huffing’
  • a neonatal unit for babies born with drug addictions
  • a treatment centre where a teenager struggles to conquer her addiction

“I used to own my own moving company. I had two trucks and three crews working for me. But I was slamming heroin… I’m lucky now if I get high once a month. I don’t even have any veins left, I have to shoot stuff right in my muscle. This isn’t about getting high any more — it’s about keeping from getting sick.”– Josh, an addict on the streets, in the Truth About Drugs video.

“I went to a rave one night with about four or five friends… [Later] I kind of blacked out and when I woke up this guy was raping me…. (Since that) terrible experience I’ve had a lot of chemical problems because of Ecstasy on my brain. I’ve been in recovery like three years now… I’ll never be the same again.” – Robin, now a rape crisis counsellor, in The Truth About Drugs video.

A component of this presentation also includes charges under the Controlled Drugs and Substances Act that are applicable to those who choose to use drugs. The short and long term effects of various drugs, the definitions and penalties for Possession, Possession for the Purpose of Trafficking, and Trafficking, are all discussed in this educational and revealing presentation. Choices & Consequences are clearly presented during this session. There may also be a short period of time for Q & A, time permitting.

“We were just talking about you at the supper table.  Our children are now in University and we were talking about the impact you had in their lives when they were grade 8 & 9 attending this junior high school.” 
– A mother prior to a parent session that she attended even though her children are now in University.