September 10 was World Wide Suicide Prevention Day. Thanks to a partnership with Cold Lake Bully Free and Assumption Jr./Sr. High School, Life Synergy for Youth’s Dwayne Peace facilitated an eye-opening presentation that shone a light on the sensitive subjects of bullying and suicide. According to Statistics Canada, in 2009 Alberta had the fifth highest provincial suicide rate in Canada, behind Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Nova Scotia and Quebec. The Alberta Center for Injury Control reported that in 2010 suicide was the leading cause of injury and death in Alberta, with just over 500 suicides. Peace presented to students and teachers in the morning at Assumption and provided parents with a similar session in the evening at the Cold Lake and District Family and Community Support Services. Peace touched upon various issues surrounding the topic of bullying. He focused on the different types of bullying, the traumatic short-term and long-term effects that victims endure and the extreme cases that lead to suicide or attempted suicide. He also discussed the Amanda Todd case and other cases that reflected the detrimental effects of bullying. “I think in Alberta it’s around the 500 mark every year for suicides. And that’s not just youth, but that’s… Read More >