Dear Dwayne,

I want to thank you for the time you spent with our school this past week. Working with our junior high students, our grade 4-6’s, our parents and staff, you’ve given us much to think about!

Your sessions were powerful, intense, very practical and deeply motivating. We’ve already seen that your time with our junior high students has ‘struck home’ with many of them … inspiring visible attitude changes within days of the session.

Our parents found the evening parent session to be very valuable and want to have your message made available to their other children who are not in our school. I’m hoping that we can repeat the parent session and get more parents the second time around!

The Professional Development day you spent with our staff was conceivably the best session we’ve ever had in terms of building relationships and personal development. I believe that the vulnerability and honesty that day will lead our staff to personal and relational growth which can have profound, positive impacts for our students!

I’m so glad that one of our parents had heard about your work and pointed us in your direction. Your message is one we needed at this time and we appreciate how you’ve made yourself available to our staff and parents on an ongoing basis. We’ll be looking forward to continuing to partner with you in service of our students and their families!

Until next time, please accept my personal thanks for what you’ve given us through your presentations and workshops!

Steve Mumert
Valhalla Community School

Signed Letterhead can be viewed here