When you came to the school a few months ago to speak with the students, my daughter didn’t want to go to the small group in the afternoon because she thought it was going to be just another boring lecture from some ‘old person’. It seems you made quite an impression on her, enough that, I got a phone call at work begging for permission to attend the afternoon small group! I’m so very glad that she did. I was intrigued and had to go to the parent session in the evening to find out who this person was that could get my teen daughter to sit up, listen and participate in a discussion. It didn’t take long to understand. For those who don’t know what you’re about I simple say “Dwayne Peace has a way of connecting with people that’s honest, relevant, and meaningful on a variety of life’s often difficult situations. If you ever have the opportunity to go listen to him, it’s time well spent.”

I lingered after most people left to tidy up and, I thought, to give you a hand packing up.  We chatted about a few things and then you said if I ever needed anything to please contact you. I didn’t think anything of it other than, pleasant conversation and well wishes upon parting ways.  Six days ago my 14 year old daughter attempted suicide. A few days after that I recalled our parting conversation and sent an email to you. In less than a week you were sitting at my kitchen table. You drove 3 hours out of your way just to see her.

I don’t know how I can adequately express the profound gratitude I feel that you came to see my daughter, personally, after her suicide attempt. There are few people in the world who care so much for others, who are wiling to go out of their way to help others in need, and do it with passion. Thank you for investing your efforts in my daughter. Your encouraging words have made a difference to each of us. I intend to keep you informed of her progress  so that you may know how you have helped this life.

Mother of. Grade 8 female student