Dwayne, Thank you so much for your efforts, caring and support for GHS. It is always an amazing week with you here. I know that the year will now be off to a good start and that many conflicts are on the way to being resolved. Much has changed here at GHS in the last ten years and it is because of people like you who do all you can to support and appreciate teenagers. Aren’t they truly wonderful beings – exasperating at times too! Please know that your words will live on this year as we get our new group going and have our reminder posters around the school. Do let us know when you are in our area again…we would love a visit and a reminder session! I will definitely remind our administrators of your amazing work.

Know that I so appreciate your positive nature and your optimism. You touch so many lives in such a remarkable way! Thank you for making a difference in all of my passion and efforts at GHS

– Aleeta Ploc, Principal