Our school is a small, special-setting school for students who are struggling with issues such as addictions, family conflicts, damaging peer pressures , and/or a variety of illnesses.  During the past ten years, we have invited Mr. Dwayne Peace to speak to our students many times, and his presentations have always had a powerful impact on the youth.  he talks to students about their choices and the effect those choices will have on their lives.  Dwayne connects effortlessly with students, and they find it easy to listen to Dwayne’s message because of his dynamic and inclusive speaking style.  Following a presentation, I frequently hear students around the school or in classrooms cuing each other on behaviour and choices by using some of the very same vocabulary used during the presentations.  I am confident that Dwayne has been responsible for positive changes in the lives of many of our youth and that they will remember his words well into adulthood.

Dwayne Peace – Life Synergy for Youth, has been a speaker of excellence at our school and I would recommend his presentation to any school or group looking to engage a speaker who can communicate with youth, cause them to think through providing them with information, and encourage them to make healthy life choices.