Dwayne Peace is not named the way he is for no reason – This man has chosen such a path that delivers eye-opening, heart-changing and mind-washing ideas and fundamentals of peace to the peers he so exuberantly exerts himself towards. His enthusiastic and well-approachable words and context give glimpses of what life would and should be like, as a student, to have a harmonious and completely positive background to learn, and really, flourish in. School should be a place no one is afraid to attend!

Not only is he giving absolutely wonderful help, advice, and direction to students and even adults he presents to, he stresses that the choice of the person is the person’s to make..which really challenges one’s ability to look inside oneself for the right and good answer. It may be true, that through this challenge, peers may end up feeling atoned and even as new people!

Dwayne has the awesome power to make people see, and realize the goodness, compassion and understanding- everything good that must be replaced with the hate and negativity that is all-too-common throughout a considerable amount of schools and people’s lives today. Many people undoubtedly will be affected in different ways by Dwayne Peace, whether more or less intensely- it’s completely up to one’s ability to take in what he has to say. The way I see it- If used to its fullest, his words can be truly heart-altering in power, and completely enlightening. He proclaims compassion, for everyone, to anyone… Why, in most cases, must we only hold compassion and care for someone only when we know what they’ve been through, or who they are? One of the many fundamentals Mr. Peace sees through is the act of showing these qualities towards anyone, no matter who they are, if we know them or not.

The life lessons, the concepts for students and people to build upon… Everything that Dwayne Peace shows his peers has the potential to truly change and save lives- he truly acts as a beautifully strong light in the darkness. A visit and presentation from him holds this, and so much more..it is time amazingly well spent!